Our Vision

We understand education as an individual developmental process and are convinced that every person, provided a suitable environment, can find his or her own strength and fully develop his or her potential. This includes the discovery of individual self-orientation and the awareness of one’s own dignity. Only then is a life of being and a life in self-efficacy possible. Only then is it possible for people to position and identify themselves within their world, and consequently, to find orientation. We would like to support people in these processes, so that they can face life’s challenges using the strength from within themselves.


To this end we adhere to the principles of sustainability, interculturality and inclusion. In our networks we bring together educational visionaries from all over the world, and together, we develop innovative educational systems. In doing so, we support people and systems in transformation processes.

We create the space for encounters and joint growth, and we help to cultivate and develop visions. We see education as the development of individual potential and a life in dignity. We stand for a society in which it is possible to contribute knowledge, experience and skills where strength and vision can flourish.

Educational Greenhouse gGmbH was founded in December 2018. Our first big project, and dear to our hearts, was the founding of ‘Neue Schule Bad Nenndorf’ – a school of the future.

Our team advises educational institutions and organizations worldwide in developing their vision – individual, competent, innovative. From mission statement development to team building – from system consulting to leadership training. Our practice-tested and proven services are goal-oriented and adapted to the needs, desires and topics of our clients.

We don’t know everything better – but we know how to empower people and systems.