Corinna Michal-Gabriel

International Project Development

Conception of innovative educational formats

ESD Consultant – Education for Sustainable Development

Coach for potential and talent development

Coach Mediator in training in the Hanseatic Institute

Learning is an active process – you cannot be learned.



My Vision

Each person is unique and dignifying and respecting each person’s individual potential is of fundamental importance to me. I want to help shape a global educational landscape and locally-based institutions of learning that offer opportunities to discover one’s own self-efficacy and promote mutual growth. Therefore, I focus on self-determined, potential-developing learning, not on teaching – educational formats that enable us, especially in times of change, to react flexibly, actively and adaptably to new circumstances and to shape our future together in a fair and sustainable way.

I have the dream of helping to shape a society in which lifelong, cross-generational, “inclusive” learning is commonplace. In the context of international cooperation, I would like to promote transformative processes that invite us, as active citizens of the world, to work together for a sustainable just future. As part of my work, I would like to provide opportunities for a respectful exchange and self-determined learning at eye level – above and beyond national borders, gender, religious belief, social affiliation, physical or mental strength.

Lars Dietrichkeit

Shareholder Educational Greenhouse gGmbH

unconventional thinker/contrarian/Outside of the box thinker

trouble shooter and facilitator

Head of Business Development at innovaphone AG

Coach in training as a SystemEmpowering Coach

Coach Mediator in the Hanseatic Institute

Let’s set great goals that are worth living for.

My Vision

The digital age, which has only just begun, will, in my opinion, result in the most significant societal changes within a remarkably short period of time. In order to shape these positively, we must rethink and adapt many aspects in order to allow the majority of humanity to partake.

I envision a society respectful and supportive of each other in achieving common goals and growing together. From my point of view, the key to achieving this is an educational system designed to recognize and promote individual strengths and one which enables learners to attain the skills necessary to achieve their goals in an enjoyable setting. The foundation for this must be laid with a responsibility towards oneself, one’s fellow human beings and nature. Let us work together to build a society in which we all want to live.