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Dr. (phil) Norbert Knitsch


Author of plays and academic literature

Theater pedagogue



Intercultural educational work

Academic Teaching and Research

• Goethe Institute Zagreb/Croatia

• University of Oldenburg

• University of Luxemburg

University of Applied Sciences Ottersberg

Technical University of Berlin

Child and Youth Psychiatry in Hamburg

Child and Youth Psychiatry in Aschendorf

• Lebenshilfe Brandenburg

German Economy  Foundation Berlin

Dr. Norbert Knitsch has worked in South America, Africa and Europe with street children and children in regions experiencing war and crisis. His theater opens doors where there are no red curtains or velvet chairs.

Golden Youth Club

Peer-Education & Empowerment

In the GYC young people are trained and educated under challenging conditions. Poverty, easy access to drugs and a lack of prospects in the township are all too familiar to all young people involved in the project. And yet, it is not just about giving lectures on drug abuse – for almost 20 years Nomatlou Mahlangu has focused on inspiring a passion for an art form that helps build a community.

Golden Youth Club -South Africa-

The Golden Youth Club was founded in 2001 in the dusty streets of Winterveldt. Starting as a street work project, the GYC has now developed a method that teaches prevention and self-empowerment, social competence and access to one’s own strengths.

Somero -Uganda-

In a cooperative project, Somero implemented a program to strengthen women in the IT sector in order to provide girls and young women living in the slums of the Kawempe Division with IT skills with which they can earn a living.

In the current cooperation, IT solutions for a sustainable future and models for future work are to be developed.

Geofrey Nsubuga
Coordinator Somero Uganda

Uganda is working hard to narrow the gap between the global South and the global North. Somero Uganda looks forward to participating in this trend by offering programs that contribute to the local community and help young people connect with youth worldwide.

The Somero Center also offers courses on HIV, birth control, drug abuse and vocational preparation.

Educational Greenhouse sees itself as part of the global transition network.

The principles of the Transition Movement

The Transition Movement is a self-learning network that approaches the change to a life-affirming, sustainable and just society with head, heart and hand. As a member organisation of this movement we assume that in every human being exists the will for good, the power and the creativity for change. Shared growth is achieved through experimentation, exchange and learning together.

Head, heart and hand

The head: We act on the basis of the best available information and knowledge and apply our collective intelligence to find sustainable, good ways of living together.

The heart: We work with compassion, appreciating and paying attention to the emotional, psychological, relational and social aspects of our work.

The hands: We work with compassion, appreciating and paying attention to the emotional, psychological, relational and social aspects of our work.